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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Why Now is a Terrible Time to Be Young

Generation Debt-Why Now is a Terrible Time to Be Young by Anya Kamenetz debuted in February. I pray that this book and its author get the publicity and attention they deserve. This is a timely treatise on the economic issues affecting my generation. If you are young you should definitely read this. If you do not consider yourself young anymore you should still read this. Kamenetz illustrates why now is a terrible time to be young: the soaring federal deficit; credit card debt; the lack of entry level jobs and the shrinking job market; rising health care costs; the financial burden placed on society by the baby-boomers' retirement; the shift from federal grants to private loans and federal loans for higher education funding which has increased debt loads for students; and among other issues corporations redefining what it means to be a full-time employee so they can cut pensions, health care coverage, and retirement plans. These issues are more than concerning and should be at the forefront of public policy. Please read this book.


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